Meet Lumii Jnr

Lumii is designed as a tech tool for schools to use as part of their whole school approach to mental health. It will allow schools to track and monitor the mental well-being of their pupils and to ensure that they offer appropriate early support and help before a child hits crisis point.

  • Creating calmer classrooms
  • Improving attainment and outcomes
  • Reducing workload for teachers (through improved behaviour)
  • Improving wellbeing in the classroom

What is Lumii?

Schools role in the mental health

The landscape of child mental health in schools reflects a growing concern. Children spend most of their time with either their family or in school. Therefore, schools naturally play a pivotal role in the mental well-being of their students. This is where Lumii comes in…

Child-friendly app

Lumii is an engaging and child-friendly app, designed to encourage young users to share their feelings and emotions. At the heart of Lumii is our advanced Large Mental Health Model (LMHM) AI. This technology powers a charming and approachable character named Lumii, who interacts with the children. Lumii is not just a character, but a supportive companion who listens and provides comfort. Our goal with Lumii is to create a welcoming and secure environment, where children feel at ease to express their thoughts and worries.

Early intervention 

Early Intervention is key in managing mental health issues. Lumii helps in Identifying and addressing emotional and behavioural problems in primary school children and can help to prevent more severe issues later in life.

Why I created Lumii

My name is Laura, I am one of the co-founders of Lumii and to me, it’s a very personal journey. In January 2022, my child, then seven years old, confided in me about a highly traumatic event. As a result, that night, he began shadowing me around the house, seeking comfort and my presence to soothe his distress, reminiscent of a toddler. The following morning, he adamantly refused to attend school, explaining that it meant returning to the location and encountering family members associated with the traumatic incident.

Being a concerned mother, I reached out to his school for assistance, eventually persuading him to return to school. Drawing from my background as a former teacher, I was fortunate to know that I could request Emotional Literacy Support (ELSA) sessions for him.

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Lumii will chat with a child via the online app. It will encourage them to talk openly about how they are feeling and any worries they may have that day.

Listens and gives reassurance

Offers easy coping strategies

Suggest Step-by-step actions for the child to follow that help the child resolve issues

Encourages them to seek support from a trusted adult

Where appropriate signpost them to relevant charities

Flags when early intervention is needed

Alerts any safeguarding concern

Uses powerful AI to grade chats into urgent and non urgent levels of concern

Analyses context of historical chats and provides a detailed report of each wellbeing progress

Schools provide Lumii with anonymised child data and Lumii creates a list of unique website links for the children and passes this back to the school.

Lumii holds no contact information and therefore no child can be identified.

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